4 iPad Apps that let you have fun and Gain Some Knowledge in the Process

An iPad is an excellent resource for learning. Yes, seriously, don’t laugh. It is making its way into classrooms and in some specific cases is replacing textbooks and notebooks. This is because it is easy to use and offers a rich-experience with features such as an amazing Retina display, different orientations, a speedy processor and one of the best mobile operating systems in the world – iOS! Enterprising developers are coming up with academically inclined apps and even education institutions are commissioning the development of custom apps developed and designed to provide learning.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a high school or a college student, you can use this wonderful device and install some of the best iPad specific apps on it for your studies.

Here are some apps, which you can install from the App Store and use on this great tablet to mix knowledge with fun!

Evernote Peek
Who hasn’t heard of Evernote – one of the best notes taking software ever built! This is a special offering from the Evernote team. You can use this learning app (designed especially for the iPad 2 Smart Cover) to memorize facts for a pop quiz, study for upcoming tests and practice anything and everything under the sun that requires you to use your memory.

Either select an existing notebook from your Evernote account or choose something from featured publishers. That’s it. Now use your Smart Cover to hide/show the answers or clues to prepare for various quizzes or tests!

A quick tip for those who don’t have a Smart Cover: Go to ‘Settings’ and enable Virtual Cover. This will allow you to swipe and peek into the answers – virtually. This will serve the same purpose as the Smart Cover. Simple!

Whether you are a high-school student or a college freshman, Knowtes is a must-have app on your iPad. This app performs some of the most important functions such as – taking notes in classroom and editing them, browsing the web and translating text. Additionally, you can use it for research, to work on your assignments, read and save blog posts and articles, make reports and do much more!

Some of the prominent features of this app include but are not limited to – a comprehensive text editor for editing and sharing your notes, an innovative multi-view tabbed web browser that lets you view upto three websites at one go, automatic translation for as many as 28 languages offline reading list, multiple saving and sharing options, multi-file format support, drawing tool and an auto-save option! All these make this app a must-have for all students.

Flashcards Deluxe
It’s an accepted academic fact that the use of Flashcards improves learning, especially when it comes to knowledge retention. So, how about using an app, helps you in your learning endeavors by employing the use of Flashcards? Try Flashcards Deluxe, a powerful flashcard app to assist you in your studies.

The app contains ‘Leitner’ and ‘Spaced Repetition’ – two smart study modes to help you prepare your lessons. Integrated with Quizlet.com and FlashcardExchange.com, you can use this app to browse and download flashcards of your choice from over 4 million flashcard sets on these two sites!

Some other features of this app that are worth mentioning here are – a text to speech conversion, multiple choice option, spelling tests, searchable listing of cards, great organizing facilities, easy navigation and the option to back up your flashcards on your desktop.
Use it to get straight A’s in your class every term!

Bamboo Paper – Notebook
Create virtual notebooks of notes taken in your own handwriting with the Bamboo Paper-Notebook app. Be it your handwritten notes, sketches or doodles, you can easily use a Bamboo Stylus and jot them down on your iPad by using this app.

Additionally, you can accomplish a number of fun tasks (along with those related to your studies) using this app. For instance, you can jot down important equations and formulae, create lyrics, make sketches for arts and crafts classes, note down timetables, create charts and graphs, record minutes of meetings or simply doodle away to while your time in the break between classes! And that’s not all; you can also share your ideas via e-mail and mark your important notes by bookmarking individual pages.

To Conclude
So, if you are a student and looking for some of the best apps to install and use on your iPad, remember the apps listed in this article and download them from the App Store.

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