Collaboration Tips for iPad App Developer and Designer Teams Working Together

A successful iPad app is the result of the hard work of the developers and designers alike. When they collaborate and work, nobody can stop them from creating some of the most innovative apps for the iPad device. Take a look at three collaboration tips that will help the iPad app developer and designer teams which are working together, to create successful iPad apps.

Have a brainstorming session

Napoleon Hill rightly quoted that “ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”; each and every successful iPad app is the result of a great idea. Thus, the developers and designers must conduct a brainstorming session, do some serious mind-mapping and come up with some brilliant ideas regarding their app. The ideas may either be design centric like – using a different layout or a new texture for the app or developer centric such as using a new navigation button.

Also, this is the stage where all the doubts and questions regarding the app development must be cleared from the ends of the developers and designers both, in order to avoid any misunderstanding later.

Organize the mockup

Since the designers and developers will collaborate to work as one team, all the documents related to the project must be well organized for quick and easy access. This is especially important when it comes to the mockup of the app’s design.

Designers must keep their design into different elements consisting of header, footer, sidebar and main content area and also, group their graphics in a systematic and logical manner. This way, the developers will be able to locate and disassemble the design from their end quite easily; and this in turn, helps save loads of precious development time.

Try to understand the UI functionalities

When the designers design certain elements which will perform certain actions, the developers must make an effort to find out what are the exact functions, which the designers want the elements to have. For this, the designers must give developers relevant examples and if possible, then the corresponding support documentation to give them a clear idea about the design elements functionalities.

There are many demos, tutorials, documents for various elements meant for the iPad device and all the designers need to do is take some time out for research. It will also add to their knowledge and the next time, they will be easily able to provide developers similar resources in much less time.

Give feedback and exchange opinions

In order to avoid any kind of confusion in the design and development phase, the designer and developer teams must keep giving feedbacks and exchange opinions to each other at every stage of the development process. Both the developer and designer teams must be specific and to the point while doing so.

Also, the feedbacks must be few and effective so that it does not consume a lot of time and hamper the development.

So, when designers and developers take these extra efforts in developing their applications, then there will be no looking back for them. True, they will need to invest a bit of their time in the process, but then, they will end up with a successful app, and that is what matters that most.

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