How to Design a Smart, Sensible and Stylish iPad Application

Designing an iPad application doesn’t require too much deep thought: just follow the best practices and the app will function well. But crafting a truly smart app requires you to pay a lot of attention to detail. You need to get a lot of things right. The app design has to be useful, it has to be intuitive, and it has to have meaning. How easily and simply the user can start using the app determines the success of the design.

What sets apart a decent app from a blockbuster app is the emotional appeal it creates among users. Functionality is mandatory, beauty is a luxury. And iPad users are notorious for their love of luxury goods. The iPad app you create needs to be smart, sensible and stylish, if it is to be fantastically successful. Our iPad app designers in Los Angeles focusing on providing personalized experiences, localized functionality and multi-user support when designing iPad apps. Let’s take a detailed look at these key differentiators.

Create a Personalized Design

Designers and developers have access to a large amount of voluntarily-provided user data. When you are designing an app for the iPad, gather all the available information about your users and see if it is possible to create an app design that offer more personalized experiences. By using the location, calender, or contact lists of the user, it is possible to offer a richer app experience. If you can find a way of doing this, you create a smart app and the users will take notice.

Think in Terms of Where

There is a mind exercise that our iPad app designers in Los Angeles frequently play. They  pick up any random app and see if it is useful in different locations. For instance, if you are developing an app that helps the user locate the nearest fishing spots, you can count on the fact that it will be used by them when they are driving or are taking a rest stop. For such an app, it would be a great idea to provide a map-based view and use the right APIs help users chart out a route from their existing location.

If your iPad app design can respond to the potential location where the users would use it, and create designs that take advantage of the information to offer a better users experience, iPad owners will salute you for creating a sensible app.

Design for Many

The use of an iPad app is not necessarily limited to an iPad – the users may want to use it on their smartphone or iPad too. Does your app enable the users to switch between different Apple devices? And many users can be using an iPad at the same time. It is not as personal as device as PCs or smartphones. So, consider enabling different users create separate accounts for the same app on the same iPad. You can have simple design elements that clearly display which account is on.

Summing up

Think upon these things when you create the next iPad app design. Step into the shoes of the users and see how you can design an app that is smart, sensible and stylish.

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