iPad App Developers: What Are The Weak Points Which They Should Work Upon?

No matter how experienced an iPad app developer may be, he/she still has certain weak points which come in the way of successful applications. But, overcoming these weak points is not an uphill task. After all, even the tiny David took on the giant Goliath isn’t it?

Let us take a look at some of the common weak points of iPad app developers and how they can overcome these just like David defeated Goliath:

Lack of ideas/inspiration

Many a times, developers simply go blank that is, they run out of ideas and inspiration for apps. This is a common occurrence, which I am sure all of you must have faced this at some point of time in your career. So, as a solution to this, I suggest taking a break from your daily routine and doing something at random.

Maybe you can go for a nature-walk, pack your bags for a quick vacation, stroll in local malls, and take up a new hobby you always wanted to or simply relax at your home for 2-3 days at a stretch to give your mind a break so that you can start afresh.

You’ll find that after doing these so-called activities, your mind will definitely start churning out new and innovative ideas on its own.

Lack of resources

Want to develop a mind-blowing app but don’t, because you think you don’t have the necessary resources such as a Mac machine? Well, fret not. You can always borrow a Mac from your friend who doesn’t use it much or invest in a portable Mac mini, which would work just as fine as any high-end Mac OS.

These are the physical resources. For other resources such as readymade wireframes or tips and tricks et al you can network with fellow developers, some of who are more experienced than you. In fact, some of them will be able to help you get your resources within your budget when you share your resource related issues with them.

Lack of research

It is good to have faith in yourselves while developing an iPad app. But some developers are way too confident about their abilities which mar their efforts. For instance, they tend to think that conducting research is nothing but a waste of time. So, they just go ahead with the development of their apps without sparing time for research. Due to this, they have to face a lot of problems afterwards. For instance, their apps might get submitted on the App Store, but are not popular with the target-users since they have developed the wrong app in the first place.

Lack of knowledge

All developers have at least some working knowledge about the iOS platform, Objective C and the iOS SDK. But this is not sufficient. The Apple ecosystem is dynamic and as we all know, Apple keeps bringing forth new innovations in technologies every quarter.

This is why there is a need for developers to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies so that they can develop apps which are compatible with these technologies.

These were some of the weak points which iPad app developers must come to terms with and avoid them while developing their apps. They must face these Goliath-like problems just as David did, to develop successful apps.

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