The ‘Real’ Page Turner: Apple now has “ownership of the Page Turn Technology

Apple now owns the Page Turn, yes every time that you turn a page, you will be infringing on Apple’s copyright. I am joking, of course, what it does have a patent for is its ‘unique’ take on page turn in an e-reader application.

So what is the ‘Page Turn’, all about; it’s just that, what you do when you are turning the pages of the book with your hand, while reading a book. According to Apple, what they have patented is not just any Page Turn, but a unique Page Turn with a special kind animation. By claiming this, it immediately seeks to disassociate its Page Turn application from the other applications that are available on the market. So, is this really a big deal, I mean come to think of it, Apple has patents on a lot of things, and Page Turn is just one of them..

I am sure a company like Amazon, will come up with even a better version of the Page Turn ‘interface’ as compared to Apple, but nobody really wants to get caught up in the patent wars that are rife these days and have led to billions of dollars in payout. So, if Apple has a patent on the Page Turn technology, chances are that, not many people are going to come up with another one, as they might just have to contend with Apple hauling them to the courts, for copyright infringement.

So, what does all this tell us, the whole point of this post was to give you a window into the way the big fishes in the world of technology operate… got an idea… patent it. It really doesn’t matter whether they have any plans for it or not.

Patents for new technologies, new concepts are what helps keep a company like Apple ahead of the pack. To my mind, all that the Page Turn technology will do is help improve its e-Reader user experience and that by a very small margin. It’s not that readers using e-readers have not come across Page Turn technology. But, Apple does pride itself in bringing to users superior user experience, and if it feels that it can improve its e-Reader user experience by integrating it with Page Turn technology, why not patent its ‘unique’ Page Turn interface, which it has done.

That’s my take on Apple ‘Page Turn’ Patent. Let me know what’s yours.

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