Want to make the most of your iPad? Here’s a three step guideline which you can follow

Apple recently launched the 4th generation iPad along with its iPad mini last month and discontinued its 3rd generation iPad. But no matter what generation of the iPad you use, there are certain tips and tricks, which will help you, maximize the use of your device. Let’s go through a three step guideline, which will help you make the most of your iPad.

  1. Update your iPad

You can update your iPad wirelessly, provided that it runs iOS 5/iOS 5.1 or the recently released iOS6. Here are three easy steps which you can follow for updating your device.

  • Make sure that your device is connected to a power source to avoid draining out the battery and connect your device to a Wi-Fi network (to control potential data costs).
  • Open Settings>General>Software Update. This will prompt iOS to automatically check for updates that are available for your device.
  • If an update is available on your device, simply tap ‘Download’ to download that update.
  1. Once the download has finished, tap ‘Install’ to update your iOS.
  2. If your download is running in the background, wait for it to finish after which, you will receive a notification saying “an update is available for your device”. Tapping ‘Details’ will take you to Settings>General>Software Update and tap ‘Install Now’ to install the update.

*If you decide to install the updates later, Settings will display a notification badge until you have installed the update.

  1. Make your iPad battery last longer

Although Apple has improved its processor power and the battery life with each new generation of its iPad, it is up to the users to ensure that they take certain steps, which will make the battery on their iPads last longer. Here are some tips to follow for making your iPad’s battery last longer:

Protect it from extreme weather conditions
Make sure that you do not leave your iPad out in the sun or forget it on your porch when the temperature is sub-zero. Also, do protect it from moisture (for instance when it is raining cats and dogs). This is because extreme weather conditions drain out the battery of your iPad faster than you can imagine.

 Adjust the screen brightness – keep it low
Keeping the screen brightness on your iPad also wastes a lot of battery life. By default, an iPad has a bright screen and so, there is no need for this “extra brightness”. To adjust the brightness, just go to Settings>Brightness & Wallpaper and lower the level of brightness for your iPad.

Other tips:

  • Change your connectivity settings:
    • Use Wi-Fi instead of 3G whenever possible
    • Use Airplane mode if you don’t need to use the internet
  • Eliminate Push Notifications or turn them off for apps you don’t use much
  • Turn off the vibrate feature in games
  • Regularly charge your battery
  1. iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

You can try using certain keyboard shortcuts on your iPad to make the most of it. Here are some of the shortcuts that I have compiled:

  • Tap the space bar twice in a row at the end of a sentence while typing. This will prompt the iPad to enter a ‘period’, a space and turn the CAPS key on so that you can start typing your next sentence.
  • To use quotation marks, tap and hold the “?/.” key for double quotes or “!/,” key for single quotes.
  • If you want to use special accents, simply tap and hold any letter key and you’ll get special accent marks for that particular letter.
  • To quickly access a capital letter, tap and hold the Shift key.

In Conclusion
These were some of the must-know tips and tricks for all iPad users. I am sure that these tips will help you maximize the use of your iPad. So, try to use some or all of them on your iPad and see the difference. Cheers!

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